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Love And Treachery

Love And Treachery

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Genre: Jazz, Pop


I put on my gloves tonight, pull onto the road to San Berdu They remind me of hustlers, confidence men, and you My hands are warm beneath them, and easy on the wheel Without your love and treachery the calm is all I feel I shiver in the mirror, pull my belt across my hips The leather's hard in bending as your fingers to my lips I wrap it tightly in defense as if your arms were near But for your love and treachery there's nothing left to fear I'll take a glass of wine and recall the words you spoke From the bottom of your cup, covered in spit and smoke But in your voice I'll hear my own and recognize the crime That all your love and treachery has ended up as mine I see you in the rear view with just a passing glance How your eyes shine, as if through mine, you'd see and understand As if we'd played each other but never knew the score And all was love and treachery but isn't anymore That all was love and treachery but isn't anymore.