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Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament

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Artist: Eric Clapton
Genre: Rock, Blues


Well, I met this old woman She was hard as nails I think that she just come out Of the County jail But I loaned her some money Just to pay her rent If I would, she would put me In her last will and testament Well, I got lots of children An ex-wife or two I never hear from them Till the bills are due The money I gave her They already spent If I could just help 'em out They would put me in their last will and testament You know I'm goin' over sixty I'm older than most It won't be long now I'll be nothin' but a ghost My intentions It's my intent To live on a little deeper Havin' my last will and testament And when it's all over They put you in the ground Send my belongings To the 'Lost And Found' My intent To leave all the little people Out of my last will and testament