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Knock Louder

Knock Louder

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Genre: Rock, Blues


This makes as much sense as a frog on a chain A leper knocking trees down with his fist Twisting my ear like I'm a school yard churl You know I want to sit beside that long-legged girl Wearing overalls and daddy's boots and mom's old coat Let's sing one together grace, and savor every note. Burned a hole right through me where we stood last Sunday night One little tossed off glance I don't know if you were there But I felt the rod impale me, my body growing wide As you climbed up on the ladder and made your home inside I'm the same and then I'm not, you know, from when we tried before Please, gracie, please won't you come knock on my door. You've surely done more pounding than I give you credit for I'm a fool most times, unusually so, and an inveterate sage With the wisdom of half a rock washed up on the sand So many simple things I just can't understand Yet I know that I'm so tired of wondering where you've been A friend like you I've never had, I don't want to lose you again. We'll reinvent the toaster, ride a crooked wheel Give three cares for common sense then throw it in a can I'll be myself beside you and you can do the same No responsibility save the magic in your name I'm done, I'm beat, I'm old, I've looked in every tree Let's be you and me now, let's be you and me.