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Artist: T.I.


You know, may no man, woman, child, nor animal Walk a lifetime on God's green Earth and not expect to be tested. Just observe and acknowledge, When the occasion is risen to by champions, you know what I'm sayin'? Let it speak for itself and handle me accordingly. When you see me nigga, it ain't no secret, You know what's happenin'. No fate, no flaw, man. Straight like that. It's the king, bitch You lay down, lay down, you lay down I'm a king Play around if you want and get hammered, leave you on your dick I come from Atlanta, the '80s and '90s but we were as real as it gets And that's why we still here You best watch what you say, you could pay with your life tonight Fuck around and get killed As I pray to the Lord, tell him if I should die tonight Bruh let me put up a mil' Inside of the hands of one of the men Who's gonna go kill or go to the pen If ever should blood out my body may spill The nigga, their partner, their family, they're killed I'm talkin' for real, you kickin' that ra-ra to me I LOL, shit's haha to me Nigga ever disrespect, I wave bye bye to him Got a Maybach inchin' like a Mazda to him Chew him, up like the mouth in the teeth Or you doubt to belief the belly of the beast Geesh, call me the chief No copper could peep, the streets on a leash And yeah how I walk it, exactly the way that I talk it One took a hit, man he rest in a coffin Forever for all of that shit he was talkin' You go against me, what you better do shawty is You lay down, lay down, you lay down I'm a king You lay down, lay down, you lay down I'm a king Despicable me, I'm no typical G, got your bitch on her knees When I skeet on her cheek Only came in here for what I wanted and shit that I don't If you have it, you keep I'm so diabolical, dick harder than a cut molecule You say she wifey, I say she a party girl Type to eat bitches out when she on molly You'll never know, which is to me that shit's obvious She say you're pitiful, they think you're popular That ain't gon' keep my lil' partner from poppin' yah Take it, you droppin', you cement your bottle So won't be no poppin' up, body's erased No weapon, no charge, no witness, no questions No stressin', no body, no case Errbody okay, I go off that guy with my chopper, I throw it away You can just buy me a cake And most of the niggas you see standin' by me today Were trappin' with me in the A And now here we are with your bitch in Rodeo, LA And killer who do what we say This could be the end of you today My gunner run into you today Here's what I suggest you do when they spray You lay down, lay down, you lay down I'm a king