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Kill Or Be Killed

Kill Or Be Killed

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Genre: Rock


Evil's comin', fight the fire, push has come to shove Let's all pray, we need the help of death from up above We must fight, we won't surrender, the king will never change Hold the line, there's no contender, the outcome's prearranged CHORUS: It's killed or be killed, live or let die Kill or be killed, though you don't know why It's kill or be killed, rock or let roll Kill or be killed, burn or save your soul Death is certain and there's no question, life's not quite you see Pick your path and make decisions for eternity Choose your weapons, this war started long before you came Fight the good fight, let's be sure they'll never rise again REPEAT CHORUS Solo - Jay Jay Don't sleep in the fire, have faith and desire Then fight for your life and be free REPEAT CHORUS (twice)