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Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill

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Artist: Die Antwoord


Turn me up yo uh yo I step up in the club like, who the fuck's that? Yeah bitch it's another king, ninja's back Pants sagging down you can see my butt crack Sagging so low you can see my nut sack Yeah motherfucker my flows are ill, my balls fat and sweaty Like Jonah Hill, you know the deal Your boy ninja got skill, like deep throat There's cum squirting out your nostrils Dude what are you doing? Dude that sounds totally gay What are you, what are you talking about? It just sounds gay, dude What sounds gay? Like, the last line, where you say like, the The, the "deep throat" thing it sounds like "cum squirting out your nostrils", that's what you said But not, uh, fuck, dude, it's like if you, I'm saying like the chick What are you saying? Uh, like the chick, like skill like a girl who can give deep throat Nah, I don't get it, god what do you think? God Do you think it sounds gay? Uh, yeah, nah, it does sound a bit gay But dude you are gay Exactly so he would know Yeah just a bit gay He would know if it sounds gay or not I thought it was gay Okay, let me ask muggs, let me ask muggs Muggs, muggs dude does this sound gay?