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Artist: T.I.


Ay papi, Nik apurate No more apologizing for being excellent From now on man, fuck it, I'm just gon' be dope And not apologize for it I'm sorry I'm dope, nigga Rap your mind around it and embrace it, this is a fact of life God, I'm so good Yeah, fuck up that money, then make it again (then make it again) I fuck her twice, then I make her my friend (then I make her my friend) Shit, look at these haters, they hatin' again (they hatin' again) I know they don't like it, they takin' it in Fuck up a check, then we makin' it back She like Chanel, I'ma drape her in that She want the D, I've been waitin' on that I've been doing my thing, they've been hatin' on that And I meant what I said, I ain't takin' it back We get your chain, we ain't takin' it back Reach for my chain, gotta fight you for that Only speak on my name when you statin' the facts, please I know we ballin' too much and all of these pretty hoes fallin' for us I say, "Ven aquí mami," and call it to us If I give you my number, don't call me too much, comprende? City to city, bad bitches and tities, she jump on the jet with me, she on the tour I'm in Balenci', Laurent and Givenchi, my pockets on Benji and she in Dior Flex on the 'Gram just to look like you got it, but really you broke (But really you broke) Since suckas pop shit on their Twitter, like killers and really get smoked (Really get smoked) Know niggas that used to be trappers on Twitter just tellin' us jokes (Tellin' us jokes) While we gettin' money, just burnin' this bread, tryna turn it to toast, forreal They say we talk about money too much, but maybe they ain't gettin' money enough I say, "Dimelo, papi," he come with a truck He gon' make a tab and I'm runnin' it up, gracias! Let me welcome you, get introduced to the king Bentleys, Ferraris, brand new and they clean So disappointed when niggas talk shit on their records, when you see 'em, don't do anything Okay, killin' these niggas with more than before Been stuntin' and shinin' since back in the nineties I'm 'bout it, forgot the Glock in my pocket, remind you and plug the whole city behind me Spent hundreds of thousands, no millions on diamonds In Philly, they go ask Meek Milly about me I'm solid and thorough, stand up as fuck See these niggas, I just be like, 'What the fuck?' Ain't no way in hell you can fuck with us Like a bad bitch with no furniture, I can't do nothin' with her Still hit her and them bad bitches who hung with her That's how I do, ay, can't give you the formula Don't stop me, I'm just warmin' up Niggas be actin', the fuck they perfomin' for Leave 'em right there for the coroner Man, my bitch look so bad, she a foreigner Aston Martin, the attire is formal How we kick it, ain't shit 'bout us normal We Grand Hustle, schemin' and chasin' our dream, stackin' that paper Hearin' my raps, you see me, you see what I mean, drippin' that flavor Fuck nigga hatin', but try me, I split that potato, then go sit and eat with the mayor Skiin' in Vail, David Chapelle told me you niggas is funny as hell Run to the smoke and then runnin' and tell, open the vault, put you under the jail Como dice Pablo, plata or plomo? Así es como es Que te vaya bien bitch Hey, que pase, mi amigo You know that nigga? Tranquilo What'd he do? Ay, ask him if he got some weed Yo quiero grande mota Man, what'd you just say? Cómo se dice a lot of weed Yeah yo quiero grande mota Okay Cocaína Hell yeah Mucho We want that Ya dig?