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Artist: Offset


(Yeah yeah) Crib is dimensional, my bitch is seminal Orange Dickies suit like a sand town criminal Hundreds be indigo, bitches identical Aim at the imbeciles (wooh wooh wooh) Yeah, fuck up a check now, my family set now She gon' have sex now Guap on this head and it's split over text now (uh) 20/20 turbo drop top Benz rollin' Beat from the back leave her pussy look swollen Fuck playin' gold I'mma shoot for the frozen Keep talkin' crazy, you gon' get your shit stolen (hoo hoo, hoo) I dropped a hundred on that all-white Maybach, they said that it's ready Any day sauce, seize this Rolex for daddy Bought a new chain, it's platinum like my Chevys (Offset) I showed my Patek, some might say I'm petty (petty) Get in that pussy, I beat it and shred it (beat) Roll up the bag with the gasses on lettuce (cookie) Talkin' 'bout smoke but that chopper come dead it (oh) Subscribin' the script 'till your bitch give her meddies Pull up in that vert, watch me skrt like Andretti (skrt) We eat the beef, stack up the lettuce (hey) My momma keep having the Chanel fetish, yeah (momma) We ain't doin' nothin' for the clout (yeah) Catch a nigga down, bag, we gon' get your mouth (uh) Water my wrist and my neck make me drown (splash) I hit your bitch but I'm curving her now (curve) Shorty the ash in the purp, not a noun Slurp bitch so perfect, she burpin' me now, uh (slurp) It's a perc in me now (perc) Surgery now, take the top off the Lamb