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Ill Mind of Hopsin 4

Ill Mind of Hopsin 4

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Artist: Hopsin


Check it, I used to be the goofy man you hounded The Special Ed kid at lunchtime the bitches wouldn't stand around with I would jack off so much back at my parents' house And now my dick has a permanent imprint of my hand around it Life was lame, I had to pay money to fuck a whore I couldn't pull a damn anorexic bitch in a tug o' war But then I made enough money for me to fund a tour Now the ladies show me the goodies under their Wonderbra I'm going door to door, with foreign swords Causing more than war slaying rappers, commercial or horrorcore So hold your head 'cause I'mma torture yours, leaving morbid sores I promise you it will be hard to ignore the gore Hip hop's dead, and I'm the lucky savior I'm kinda mad and I don't wanna pile up the anger All these no-flow, gimmicky ass fired up behaviors With wack beats and gap teeth like Tyler the Creator Motherfucker, you not dope So you tryna get some attention by cussing and eating a fucking cockroach? And Goblin, you get no props on it It sucks so much I get blowjobs from it I been told you niggas, "I'm real!" If you wack and no one's confronted you on your bullshit, then I will Hate on me, but you can't deny skill I crush all the momentum that you guys build with my eyes sealed You faggots got me cussing And only reason you probably buzzing Is 'cause you slave as an Illuminati puppet Y'all really on one, beat it, you're gone, done You think real niggas feeling your shit, c'mon son! I'm the illest and that's fo' shizzle My flow sizzles, yo boy Hop go hard like some cold nipples You niggas are making it so simple My swag makes the ladies wave like fat stomachs with bold ripples I know you niggas wish you could prevent it 'Cause I get buck like my Kool Aid's got way too much sugar in it You better run like I'm booger flicking Homie I've been good at rapping, now I'm tryna get gooder with it So I'mma just go beast, and bring that West coast heat 'Cause I'll be damned if you flex on me The radio is filled with garbage over techno beats And all these songs about cash are what we just don't need Yo, nobody care about how much money you stack I murder everything I touch, buddy, move back Got enough guts to sew trash and bust up your fluke act And leave your fans saying, "How the fuck does he do that?" My ranking is vicious, you thinking it isn't? Come pay me a visit if you feel that you may be offended Baby I'm wicked, crazy and sick and with the face of a nimwit I be calling out names, but I ain't taking attendance Some bitch was like, "Hop, you got me crying 'Cause you said I could call you while you out on tour Shit and I be trying, I even text you, but you not replying So when your new shit finally drop, that's one album I will not be buying What, You're too Hollywood? And you don't even have two minutes? Ever since you got your buzz, you don't know how bad you tripping You went to that ho's house last night and you said that you didn't I seen your pic on Facebook, the skank bitch done tagged you in it" I got put on with the beastie flow Now the sluts, they wanna bone when they see me, whoa! So I must, I take 'em home, let the wee wee grow Then I bust from different strokes like the TV show See when I be coming through kicking it raw, niggas like, "Gee, he's dope" If there's anyone throwing dirt at my name then you know he be toast For all of you rappers who bringing me drama, homie please be ghost The only reason I'm being aggressive is 'cause we need hope "Hey yo Hopsin, I fucking love you, 'cause you supply the best rhymes Since your flow is kinda strange, you should sign with Tech N9ne You design erect lines, who am I to just lie? Every single night I play your music right at bedtime And usually I'm not into dark dick I wanna do something freaky enough to win your heart with" I say, what you wanna do? She say, "It's simple, Marcus I wanna blow it before you put it in like a Nintendo cartridge" Bitch, I'm hotter than a UV ray Hotter than the thought of Nicki Minaj naked, making her booty shake Hot enough to pull up to your show and steal your groupie date Hot enough to melt the ice cream that's on Gucci's face And now you having hot flashes All the shit that you ever wanted in one MC, Hop has it Don't rap if you do not practice I cock block wack shit, now get ready for Knock Madness