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Hooked to the things that make us fall, and the words that burn like gasoline We can't erase these endless thoughts, Can't kill what fuels our apathy We want satisfaction, we want our peace Apathy, your satisfaction I feel so little change, it always stays the same And you admit to me that you're the one to blame. We'd rather submit to a substance that hates us Than have to earn all the things we love How twisted have we become, We're running out of excuses, they won't last for long We are what's wrong Numb tot he damage we're dealing to the ones who stand in our way When will we see the price we'll pay? I'd prefer to be trapped inside addiction Chained to floor with no hope survive Give it up you'll never escape Put aside thoughts of love and empathy Who cares when the problem's not ours As long as light shines upon me, desperate words will never be heard We are addicted to our own happiness.