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Here Comes Tecca Nina

Here Comes Tecca Nina

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Artist: Tech N9ne


I be bustin (bustin) parents be fussin and cussin Cause all I talk about is silicone and muffins (muffins) So if you didn't come to hear some strips clubs hits Then get the hell on cause I'm gettin my mail on; I'm hustlin I'm talkin about foes and I'm talkin bout fans and kitties I'm talkin about hoes and I'm talkin bout Kansas City That's where I dwell wit wit, my my bills And I I, I will pop hot rocks for real Venomous, when it gets HOT The Tech straight killin hatas, when it gets ROCK The sex rates genemater, so don't miss SHOT Spits quick game inovator Chick generator quick trip James Lemonator This is the beginin of blingin and houses and women Welcomin angels and demons and cowards are sent it I'm alive and well but demise will bring ghost stories When I rise in hell them alive will still vote for me Watch out, cuzz here comes Tecca Nina Roll out, cuzz here comes Tecca Nina Drop down, cuzz here comes Tecca Nina Cuzz here comes Tecca Nina Cuzz here comes Tecca Nina Cuzz here comes Tecca Nina Bonzai, baby every once I Smokin and drinkin and poppin so hurry come fly Cuzz I plenty rolled, and I got plenty dough And we got plenty hoes, we roll on 24's What it is, what it was, what it shall be What the bliz, what the L, where the Belvi Caroboulu is 151 and Malibu Rum and pineapple So what's this weakness you tryin to sell me I represent, the Rougue Dawg villain niggas Betta repent, the foes all feelin triggas You got me tempt, we rolls all billa scrilla Roll call villain killas, froze y'all fill in millas This be the best time To bust ya best rhyme You bring ya best rhyme I'm on yo next line And when I flex mine I see respect signs Call the request line And just say TECH N9NE! They call me Tecca Nina, that be my nick name I often wreck arenas, most of em chicks man Spoil us wit checks and visa, that's how we spit game Havin them bless the weiner, I love to get brain Four chicks in the back of the truck Backin it up, suckin on tongues laughin it up Gased in the cut, bustin the buns slappin it up Quick wrappin it up, we trust wit no funds Then passin the butt Absolute when I shoot the shit Choose the chicks wit flows that you used to get Take 'em to Adams house, and rat 'em out Or take 'em down to Wes' get breastes up in ya face And scat 'em out Make room, for the crew and beats that thump I got the sickness horny chicks mighty mind be Straight doom, for the crew that see like chumps I bring 'em six-six triple eight forty-six, ninety nine three