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Artist: Eluveitie
Genre: Metal


Bodiacos Sunartiu Segos brigos Anauos (Victorious By the good-force Vigorous, mighty Spirited) From antumnos the life-giving winds Fanned the flames into a blaze The awen of the mighty By the force of sucellus sledge By every impact of ogmios club With bricta's invincible epiphany A tribe arose A tribe broke forth 'Cause we're born free 'Cause we're born wild 'Cause we are indomitable and bold 'Cause we are fire (brave) 'Cause we are wave (strong) 'Cause we are rock (tribe) We are one - we are helvetios The ears tethered to the divine tongue Following the ancient wise As laughter fills antumnos Drinking from the cup of life The well that's never running dry We wandered into the light of day Again taranis enthean wheel revolved From antumnos life was upheaved By the force of succellus sledge By every impact of ogmios' club With bricta's invincible epiphany