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Artist: Josh Ritter


Romero got married on the fifth of July In our Lady of Immaculate Dawn Could have got married in the revival man's tent But there ain't no reviving what's gone Slipped like a shadow from the family he made In a little white house by the woods Dropped the kids at the mission, with a rose for the virgin She knew he was gone for good It's a long way to Heaven, it's closer to Harrisburg And that's still a long way from the place where we are And if evil exists its a pair of train tracks And the devil is a railroad car Could have stayed somewhere but the train tracks kept going And it seems like they always left soon and the wolves that he ran with they moaned low and painful sang sad misery's to the moon Rose at the altar withered and wilted Romero sank into a dream He didn't make Heaven, he didn't make Harrisburg He died in a hole in between Some say that man is the root of all evil Others say God's a drunkard for pain Me I believe that the Garden of Eden Was burned to make way for a train