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Drip or Drown

Drip or Drown

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Artist: Gunna


Yeah, yeah Two Benzes, one Bentley Coupe, and two Bimmers Think I'm the essential, I stay in the cleaners 2k my sweatsuit, I walk with demeanor Sippin' on lean, can you tell me who leaner Showin' me pics of your hoe, I done seen her 23 racks got me feeling like Tinker I like your bitch 'cause her pussy look pinker Made that hoe cum with two rings on my fingers Crocodile seats and my cousin look like he been shippin' packs In with back, yeah, that's a fact Lately, I promise I been on my bull You finna get shot again like you cool Drip to my socks, in Ellesse I'm a fool Sicko, my brother, he stay with a tool If you won't pop it, boy, pass it to Tuan Flipped in your bitch, dawg, her pussy a pond Feel like a swamp, laying in the Don Juan Yeah, I been a artist, but not rap, boy, icon Fuck these new niggas, I ain't 'em, too foreign My bitch a fairy, she walk with a wand JBan$ my brother, if I fight, he scuffle That's not a joke, that boy came with the tussle TEC-9, no 'tussin, these stripper hoes bussin' Lustin', not lovin', my guap, bitch, keep buzzin' I got woodgrain on my Damier Buckle Cool quarter mill in my Goyard duffle I won again so you still gotta shuffle Born with the drip and just learned how to hustle Look at your bitch through these Dior bifocals I get me some head, she bend that shit over They say lately I been lookin' like dollars Pinstripe high waters, I dress like a golfer We ride in foreigns, ain't no more Impalas They ain't have the new born but I got baby bottles Shoppin' at Barney, I drip like a model Watch how I drip when I hit that Met Gala Codeine I sip with my lip, don't get splattered Doctor told me I got l lean in my bladder Run through this cash like family don't matter I got your back, feel the same pain together Pop off the tag, my partner just swear Baby blue Jag made my mom feel better Fucked a snow bunny at my show at Coachella VVS damn they pointers in my bezel We move too fast, it get slimy as ever Life is too grimy, I watch for the devil It's a Rolls Royce, and it comes with umbrellas 2018 and that Porsche Carrera Goyard pouch (hey) Racks in the quarter ounce (hey) Two accounts (hey) Large amounts, ooh Shop around (hey) Designer down, ooh Drip or drown (hey) Drip or drown, ooh Killin' these hoes, need to call paramedics New Fendi runners, I feel athletic Run that shit up, bought my partner a Patek Blowin' this cash, it was times we ain't have it Got twenty-one bitches, I must be a savage Cook in the kitchen, the dope smell like acid Pourin' this Hi-Tech, I'm sippin', relaxin' Vibes in LA, Gunna fuckin' the baddest FN ain't plastic, put him in a casket I wiped his nose quickly, pass him a napkin (slime) Got an addiction, in love with this fashion Prayin' for all of my bros like we Catholic Lifetime of hats 'cause you always be cappin' Niggas ain't eatin', stop cappin', you ain't fastin' Can't get no sleep 'cause my life is all action See how shit happened, I made it in rappin' Goyard pouch (hey) Racks in the quarter ounce (hey) Two accounts (hey) Large amounts, ooh Shop around (hey) Designer down, ooh Drip or drown (hey) Drip or drown, ooh