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Dreams (Interlude)

Dreams (Interlude)

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Artist: A$AP Rocky


This is every heavy drug, that's known at every level This is assault with deadly metal bumpin' heavy metal Do this for myself, of course my hood and every ghetto Paper pushin', paper petal, cuz I heavy petal It's is nigga flowin' through my blood and every vessel Time is money, so I saved the load on every bezel I just had a dream, I dipped my watch in canary yellow I woke up and then I bought that bitch in every yellow Let get back to business, my [?] for my narrow Cuz life's a bitch with red lipstick and high stilettos Flaco jumpin' fences from pigs, with 'em them biscuts I hypnotized my 6, but my .38 was kinda special What a life this is, what a sight this is Where the darks and the light skin kids Get along with the white percents Or alike when the lights go dim On a righteous pass, where you don't look back Nigga spark your cig, niggas light your hash Niggas light your spliff, where you puff, don't pass, just sit I just had an epic dream like Dr. King Police brutality was on my TV screen Harmony, love, drugs and peace is all we need