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Dead Locs, Pt. 2

Dead Locs, Pt. 2

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Artist: Blueface


Blueface baby Yeah, aight, on the dead locs Ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh On the dead locs On the dead locs On the dead locs I had to wake that bitch up, she was 'sleep on me (wake yo' ass up) Yea aight, look at me now, lil' baby On the dead locs Fuck a nigga talkin' 'bout? Tough on the 'Gram, bet you the .223 make him walk it out On the dead locs Keep a lot more for the snakes 'Cause the hate be so real And the love be so fake On the dead locs Think of a circle, Paid N Full is what I see Never leave your mans out (everybody eats) On the deadlocs Bitch I'm riding solo 'cause in every circle there's always a motherfuckin R.I.c.o. On the dead locs Blueface baby It's a unexplainable feeling My name bring out the city like a county building They say this fame shit change you But all I see is the fame changing the people around you Blueface the flyest baby You better use your time wisely (yeah ight) This will be yo' only chance Bitch, you better surprise me (yeah ight) Bitch better do some magic On the dead locs I'm the type to take a bitch mind and help the bitch find it (Look bitch, you mind over there) (damn, I left her mind at home) On the dead locs Get my nut, throw a cover over a bitch head, poof Girl, where Blueface go? I can't find him Bitch I'm in the wind Blueface race yo' nigga, Toyota versus Benz On the dead locs This an appointment I don't date, bitch, period These bitches only fucking for the experience On the dead locs Janky Yankees in the schoolyards Can't nobody save you when it's time to go up in that backyard On the dead locs These niggas real tough for the 'Gram But in your section, you's a mark This lifestyle require a lot of aggression And a lot more heart, yeah aight On the dead locs Dumb nigga, I can't go out like no chip 'n' dip (dumbass) Fuck a Squarebob bitch, I'm slidin' with my crips On the dead locs Niggas talk out they ass for the 'Gram Yous a goof troop I know you heard of me but I ain't never heard of you On the dead locs Forty nose long as a burrito She love how I star like I'm finna sing with The Beatles On the dead locs Damn cuz, they really wanted a part two To the same song That's like a encore, I'm a sensation I know these bitches love how I start the song Like I'm finna sing with The Temptations