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Damien III

Damien III

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Artist: DMX
Genre: R&B


Hey yo D, it's your nigga D Uh-huh What the fuck, you forgot about me? You've been eatin' real good lately Didn't get a shout out on your last album, what you hate me? Arf Said I was your dog Said I was your nigga that let you see it all through the fog Arrf Said I was your mans and them And any problem that you had I would handle them Eh yo dog it's like this, I fuck with you lightly (uh-huh) Cause I knew if I fucked with you too deep you'd bite me (uh) Get mad at me, send niggas wantin' to fight me (uh) Whole time you fucked with me you didn't like me Oh where you hear that? Pssh, niggas talk Plus you know how shit flow in New York Walls have ears, buildings heard Supposed to be shh but spill the word [Chorus] Everywhere that I go, everything that I see Every place that I touch I feel him fuckin' with me I'm gonna fly arf Why you lie? You told me it was Ryde or Die I'm gonna fly arf Eye for an eye, what happened to my piece of the pie? Now dog, you know me better than that I could put you ahead of the pack, instead of the back I could have niggas sellin' tapes, instead of the crack Could have niggas fallin' down, with lead in they back Ain't much that I can't do when I want to I don't really need you, nigga fuck you What? Nah I'm just playin', got a wife and kids Little Dame ain't come across dem triflin' kid Yo what you mean by that? Mean by what? You is a grimy nigga f'real, I see whassup I don't even know why I fucked with you from the door Cause you know I can give you what you wanted and more I could of got it from him But you would of hate to wait But I wouldn't have the weight c'mon, don't hate What happened to the right hand, Light Man? Nah that's Dark Man Well let's get it right then [Chorus] Now I see for who you are, it's like I know you (uh-huh) So I can't trust you as far as I can throw you (uh) Oh you, don't know you are the reason that I go through what I go through, let me show you Didn't I promise you again, to slight your friends Countin' these pairs of Timbs, these endless ends? But what did it cost me? (c'mon) My life to be taken softly, man BACK THE FUCK UP OFF ME Don't fuck with me like that when I fuck witchu like this Don't come at me like that when you know that you might miss Go on about your business If any cat you send me way, ain't gon' be no witness Lord Jesus c'mon dog, look who you're fuckin' PLEASE HELP ME Whassup dog? Man you buggin' KEEP THE DEVIL Thug life, thought we were tight OUT OF MY LIFE I'll be back aight? Psych [Chorus: x2]