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Club Song

Club Song

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Artist: Jin


[Verse 1] You can't help of the way that flow When he leave the club ladies be like, "did you see which way did he go?" That will wraps a coop out from a radio though When my single drop I'ma charge 80 a show If you droppin' with me you ready for a pitfall When my shit hit stores I'm charge a ? Man, I'm tryin' to cop my toys in too And stay away from the boys in blue Just 'cause I'm gettin' dough the beast are made at me But these cops are jokes like "Police Academy" Too much stress and I ain't blew up yet When the 7 tring to the lax got you upset I never stress over a chick I'm slick like blue balls If I was Papa' Smurf you couldn't give me blue balls Big dick playa, rip through balls Balls so large they couldn't fit into jars [Hook] It's my club 'cause I say club (Club, club, club, club) Yo, this my club song this my club song If you want to blow then you gotta make a club song It's my club song, did he say club (Duh, club, club, club) Yo, this my club song this my club song Everybody got one so I had to make a club song [Verse 2] Throw your hands high, reach for the sky for my piece of the pie I'm a beast I ain't speakin' no lie I'm freakily hot, freak a bunch of freaks in back of the Jeep Hope on reachin' to speak I put 'em to sleep, ain't no reason to speak Way I creep got 'em say; "Gotta leave in a week" Poof, be gone - I won't miss you at all Not ain't sayin' I did you wrong; I ain't ditch you at all Got a passion-o for gassin' hos Live my life like everyday is a fashion show I ain't playin', you know what I'm sayin'? I wasn't talkin' about your IQ when I told you to give me some brain Fam, you better play your part 'Cause your girl, she about to have a change of heart When I come through find me in the cut like a stitch Chick get wild up 'cause (I'M RICH JAMES BIATCH) [Hook] [Verse 3] I'm playin' PlayStation brogan In the back of a gray station wagon, (?) jean saggin' Can't used to the club, what am I thinkin'? Only tunnel I've been to is a Harley and a Lincoln Problem when I'm drinkin'; I get tipsy easy Leave the bartender a hundred-dollar tip; leave me Shorty on the dance floor I'm down to get side of it Since she sale of it I say, "Cool, I don't be buy of it" [Hook] [Hook II: 2X] I'm in here pimpin' fam Why else would I walk up limpin' man And me beein' the pimp I am Shorty order what you like 'cause it's on me [Hook]