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Buck Shots

Buck Shots

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Artist: A$AP Rocky


I ain't scared Real niggas put the clip in and let it go, uh Real niggas wanna run real Real (buck shot) Real niggas from the roll real (buck shot) Real niggas from the M Real niggas from the home (buck shot) Homeboy you ain't know (buck shot) Had a bitch suckin' on a lollipop at the bus stop Green Glock, red Glock (buck shot) They ain't really ready for me when I (buck shot) They ain't really ready for me when I (buck shot) What's a blood clot Niggas know not what nigga what not (yeah) From the fort Fort Knox this ain't Fortnite Nigga get your shit rocked nigga Buck shot (uh uh) (buck shot) And my pictures like a mugshot (uh) And all my bitches got buttshots Buck shots left your man dead in the damn lot In the kitchen pourin' up the wok (yeah) Doin' on the fuckin' clock Yeah, buttshots everybody in this bitch got a mugshot Hold up, hold up Push up now they on your block Bitch I'm off a bean and the damn wok Got a clip and it's full (buck shot) Leave a motherfucker in the ends where they (buck shot) Man I was grown up since a young blood (buck shot) Now I'm bussin' off shots (yeah they-yeah they buck shot) Back in my younger days all I want was brains All my mama want from me was grades (buck shot) They ain't really ready for me when I (buck shot) One stop get some drugs and a damn Glock Hold up Got them bullets aimin' at your head top AK-47 try to run up and we send shots (pew pew) Walkin' with my chains out on a opp block I was drippin' jewels don't try to run up you get dropped off Pull up flexin' with the top down I'm with gang with some baddies on a yacht now (yeah) Bought a brand new Mulsanne, Gucci down now Nigga you ain't in my lane you a clown now (yeah) Keep the semi tucked, nigga what you want now (yeah) Bought a brand new gun its gon' catch you up (yeah) Simons on my feet, I stay feet up (yeah) Watch me pull up on the scene nigga T'd up (yeah) Buck shot Buck shot Buck shot End's with a buck shot