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Beware Of Us (Xplicit Version)

Beware Of Us (Xplicit Version)

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Artist: Xzibit


Yeah, Stong Arm Steady One gang, four guns, how the West was won, let's go [Chorus: Xzibit] Jump if you really want it (jump) You'll catch one in yo' stomach (yeah!) When you see the Steady comin {*blam*} why'all better bewaaaaaaare of us Loudmouths is always talkin (talkin) When we come they keep on walkin (walkin) But my dogs ain't only barkin (woof!) why'all better bewaaaaaaare of us [Chorus] [Strong Arm Steady - 1] I'm eatin chicken wings, mm, it's like chicken feed Mm, I'm at the feedhouse smokin all this chicken's weed Huh, you're hardly hard, this sucker's soft as volleyball Cold Chillin' like my name was +Big Daddy+ +Marley Marl+ You're not a star at all, no, you're just a sidekick, yeh Runnin the outside lickin shit and ridin dicks Real niggaz start cliques, start shit we spark clips The mac'll make your door lift and leave me with a sore wrist You should be impressed, yeh, it's like my first impression I pull representer, exposition in a session I'm in the Expedition, expose a dark dimension Your girl used to suck dick do-ring detention You got dumped, she came up by spittin out nuts of every homey comin home from prison Yeah the fake chicks get dick the Ferragamo fake fits I keep they drawers drenched, no drawers, fake tits [Chorus] [Strong Arm Steady - 2] This the last call, total recall, my pimpin flowin like Niagara Falls So you can Phil Da Agony why'all Yeah you get beat to the punch, rap monsters eat you for lunch And feed you to the beat that you want Fear keep knockin fake fans sent to no one Fuck them niggaz run from me I don't owe 'em Why do things for free, you don't know 'em These niggaz'll load up the heat, they don't throw 'em Hooks stay floatin in my mind, I design 'em like architects workin online, I'm on the incline Lamp like the heavyweight champ, it took 3 months of trainin While it's rainin take your brain through boot camp Fair facts, Nike Air Max, I'm back blunted Yeah that them niggaz hear that and don't want it Triple trick niggaz get sick to they stomach Strong Arm Steady ready act like you want it - BITCH! [Chorus] [Xzibit] Every day above ground is a good day My wordplay only contain what the hood say Clack the black off a nigga make him see the light My overhand right'll violate your civil rights We get bars, big cars, cigars 12 gauge salute to your face to face God Icon, marathon mack, where the bitches at? Raise it back, steady game, came with a gang of gats I hit your pressure points, we jack the motherlode Expose your motives like a CSI episode Output maximum level, dig deep down in the dirt with diligence and dance with the devil, yeah Cause you don't know me homey, I keep the banger on me It wasn't my aim, it came with the territory Feet planted firm in the turf, plant you six feet deep in the earth Gettin slumped while the ammo dump, fucker [Chorus] Beware of us {*BLAM*}