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Be Easy

Be Easy

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Artist: T.I.


[Intro] Hey, where the piano at shawty? Y'all ain't never seen a dope boy play the piano and rap at the same time Have you? I'ma show you somethin', dig this [Verse 1] I'm 22 and a vet in the game Say I'm, supercoo', still a threat at the same Time, rhyme bout the times I invested in 'caine Pleasure and pain in every aspect of the game I'm the answer to yo prayers if you prayin' for change So, I dare you compare us and say we the same When I'm, climbin' the ladder, they stuck in the same Mind frame, they accomplishments are nothin' to gain Eventually, see I'm outta yo range Except this rose gold glow from my wrist and my chain I entertain young niggas who slang Like a picture, no frame, see it's simple and plain My shit bang, spit flames, put niggas to shame Flow so insane, lyrics sick and derranged Now you can't, mention my city unless you mention my name T-I-P-I-M-P, I'm the man [Chorus] Hey be easy, you don't want no trouble with me Just be easy, the drama ain't nothin' to me Hey be easy, before you have problems just breathe Hey be easy, you ain't worth dyin', believe me Just be easy, you don't want yo mama to grieve Be easy, well mind yo bizness, don't bother the G Be easy, swear you stuntin' but you frontin' to me Be easy, behind the scenes or behind yo greasy Hey, be easy [Verse 2] See y'all kissin' ass when I came to leave Set the standard for Atlanta, rearranged the lead Okay, so what the fuck is fame to me? I been plottin' since kindergarten, you's a lame to me I give the niggas what they came to see A reflection of one self where they aim to be As you can see it ain't no change in me And you won't meet another nigga off the chain as me I'm so fly, no lie, don't deny it, ya feel it So inspired by my style, decided to try it yourself Bet you won't, meet nobody ranked as high as myself The checks you waitin' on, homes, I can sign them myself Tote gats, dro smoked that, now I'm high Seats way back in the Maybach I ride Through the streets of the westside, I slap five And throw dubs, show love, nigga [Chorus] [Outro] (Be easy) What it is pimp? T.I.P., Trap Muzik, understand that? Grand Hustle pimp! Ay, whats happenin' Toomp? Let's ride out homie! What it is man? P$C, Pimp Squad Click, shawty! Uh, uh, a-town, stay down.. Keep it pimpin', pimpin'!