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Back on Northern Shores

Back on Northern Shores

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Artist: Amon Amarth
Genre: Metal


A thick fog lies ahead The ocean's deadly calm Their ship glides on the silent waves Into the unknown He cannot turn around For him it's much too late He puts his back into the oar And rows towards his fate The ship cuts through, the milk white mist Through the blind they clearly hear The oar strokes of their mighty fleet Battle's drawing near His heart pounds loud and wild He's waited for this day Then suddenly a dragon's head Appears out of the haze Back on the Northern shores Just as he once swore He vowed to return (to return) And to make them burn Then a Northern wind picks up It sweeps the mist away A might viking fleet appears Patiently they wait Death or victory, words by which they stand No turning back In for the kill Led by thy command "All men grab your swords and shields, the enemies lay ahead, We'll make this bay our battlefield and fill the waves with dead" Darkness then descends Day turns into night A massive cloud of thousand arrows Fills the misty sky With violent force, the two fleets crash The battle now begins Cries of war as weapons clash Uncertain who will win Thunder rolls 'cross the waves Lightning cracks the sky Clouds release hail big as grapes As arrows are let fly Hear the berserks roar They call to mighty Thor The fury in their raging eyes Will burn forever more Hear the weapons sing Feel the arrows sting They climb onto the Earl's great ship And begin to swing The fight is fierce as they attack With sword and axe, no guts, no glory Arrow pierced, they won't back down They battle on with heart and fury Then it turns the flanking ships give way And soon they are embattled Standing firm fight 'til death They refuse to die like cattle Fighting for his life No holds barred So close to revenge Close but yet so far Then he stands before him It's like the battle fades He sees his father's eyes As he's struck into the waves Back on Northern shores (Northern shores) Just as he once sword (he once sword) He has met his fate (met his fate) In these cold dark waves (cold dark waves) He looks to clouds up high A dead and distant stare She comes out of the light See the chariot flare Standing on the shore He hears her silent call Freja leads him through the door Into the great hall