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Baby Don't Cry

Baby Don't Cry

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Genre: Pop


Everything has a reason At least that's what they all say And I've lost my count of the seasons I don't know what's been makin' me stay Many's the times that you've hurt me That's just the way that you live Many a time is forgotten But I never said that I can forgive [Chorus] So baby don't cry, cry me a river And baby don't try to wash over me yeah Baby don't cry my ship is now sailin' And I've wasted all my time in your sea And I've wasted all my time in your sea Now that your toys have been broken I guess you want company There is no point in you callin' 'cause I'm headed for my own destiny Now everyone has a problem yeah Lord knows you've always been mine The nights are always the hardest But tonight some how I know I'll be fine [Chorus]