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Just another microcosm somewhere in the ether Putting a world to rights with Bing Crosby eyes Oversharing and its bitter aftertaste Exactly the wrong time in exactly the wrong place Save it for a rainy day Baby, you go hard in the paint It's just another race to anyways Philanthropic toga party What a place for both the Opposite sides of my double life to finally collide Sharing secrets I was taking to the grave Nosebleeds from epiphanies I took full in the face Oh, come all by the fire, babe, let's all participate In yet another race to anyways Oh, how's your Mum and Dad been doing with the generation gap? Yeah, I'm behind my movie camera I've got my megaphone You can call me Alexander It's nice to meet you all Listening to the Shipping Forecast Driving to the airport Me and the guys Metropolis ablaze in the rear view Devising methods to both have and eat your cake Mmm, just like the ones that Mother Nature used to bake You look as if you know exactly what I'm gonna say Is just another race to Anyways