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Amerikaz Nightmare (Dirty)

Amerikaz Nightmare (Dirty)

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Artist: Mobb Deep


Yeah, Amerikaz mothafuckin' Nightmare, bitch They wanna know, where the hood at? Nigga, we right here Live in the flesh with the Tecs, they never scared Them guns we holding, claustrophobic, we'll let 'em air Dump-dump, reloaded the Amerikaz Nightmare Dogs, I think smarter, reach harder Slugs travel much farther Niggas stomped a Timberland wearing face carver With the box cutter, top gutter I hover over you lames, run for cover, end in your brain Yeah, you did your thang but not very good And by the looks of things, You can't come back to the hood This is not a good look for you my nigga Wus really poppin, Inquirin minds wanna know How you rocking them new guns, we cop those Invoke, like we bought 'em in Costco's Don't get yaself murk'd, wet shirt Said it first, hurry this that red alert You ain't gotta get buck to know that this letter hurt The sight of my hammer, gotcha heart pumping Nerves twitching, eyes jumping, heads will roll When the pound starts kicking You be missing Moms will be wearing that yellow ribbon While I'm somewhere in the Carribean Islands, chillin [Hook] You know we keep them big thangs That make dead people when we hit brains It's a wrap for the sequel get yo whip spray'd Tho I rather hit you walkin, get yo shit shaved Plus showered up, talkin then we split, hey Won't catch me gun smokin, have the cops think There was drugs that provoke it while we rollin, hey Baby girl, I see you, can I get a taste Of that thang, heard it's lethal in a good way Just so you kno I ain't the one that get yo clit ate But hope you got a strong back, I'll make yo shit break You'll be walking like a penguin for a few days Yo Bitch, you know we got BIG CASH Money fallin' out our pockets, give you whiplash When we drive past your project, ain't nobody can stop us Infamous they can't stop us, They want our spot Yo fall back nigga we got this [Hook] I got love for my niggas, love for my niggas Love for my niggas, got love for my niggas I bust thugs for my niggas, thug for my niggas Thugs for my niggas, bust bloods for my niggas Yo slugs touchin, medics will rush you Jake dusting for prints, make shift Morgues made for you pricks You know shat stay on my hip, you know the hood that I rep You know we dumpin' them clips You in the valley of death Get comfortable nigga, you runnin out of breath (outta breath) Ya blood is spilling through the ceiling of the necks (of the necks) Floor or have you flood the cement Outside somewhere on the streets, no longer in the flesh [Hook]