About Us

Soundhex was founded in 2019 with a simple goal: to make finding the music you want to listen to easier. Today the average music listener is torn between several digital streaming platforms, each with their own algorithms, quirks and catalogs. Soundhex brings the best of all the major DSPs together into one seamless experience. Just hit the search bar, tap in a song or artist, and let Soundhex take you away.

In 2022, Soundhex took a major step forward into the realm of music distribution, with a focus on distributing and legitimizing cover songs. Cover songs drive hundreds of millions of streams every day from listeners who love hearing their favorite songs reimagined by talented artists, but the process of making sure the original rightsholders are fairly compensated for their contributions can be daunting, leaving many good tracks on the cutting room floor. Soundhex makes sure your cover release makes it to Spotify, Youtube, and all other major streaming platforms, and makes sure each release’s publishing and songwriting credits are registered to the right parties, so artists can get their songs to the people and get back where they belong - the studio.

Join SoundHex today and embark on a transformative journey that will amplify your talent, expand your reach, and connect you with a global community of music enthusiasts. Together, let's celebrate the beauty and diversity of cover songs while empowering artists to achieve their dreams.

SoundHex USA, Inc. provides the SoundHex service to users in the United States. SoundHex AB provides the SoundHex service to users in all other markets.