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A Woman's Threat

A Woman's Threat

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Artist: R. Kelly
Genre: R&B


My time, my patience, my love My blood, my sweat, my tears My burdens, my drama, my pain My car, my money, my home My ups, my downs, my fears And my hours, my work, my strength My fault, my this, my that Nigga please [Chorus] If you don't stop (This is a warning) Someone's gonna lay in your bed (This is a warning) And someone's gonna eat your food (This is a warning) And someone's gonna wear your clothes (This is a warning) And someone's gonna fit your shoes (This is a warning) And someone's gonna get your keys (This is a warning) And someone's gonna open your doors (This is a warning) Someone's gonna get your check (This is a warning) This is a woman's threat Baby, this is a woman's threat My shakin', my sleep, my stress My days, my night, my rest My do's, my don'ts, my dares And my church, my pastor, my prayers My all, my faith, my powers And my kitchen, my sink, my towels My joy, my sad, my hate And my sister, my cousin, my friends My lights, my gas, my bills My role, my way, my will My hollerin', my fussin', my fights Nigga please [Chorus] My future, my hopes, my dreams My panties, my socks, my things My flowers, my dress, my ring My man, my lover, my king My live, my chance, my fault And my guts, my courage, my wounds My fence, my neighbors, my yard My chains, my lock, my guards My win, my lose, my gain And my credit, my card, my name Myself, my freedom, my roof Nigga please [Chorus] Listen (Whoa, whoa) Have you ever heard the story About the three little bears See they papa was gone For a long, long, long, long time When he returned To his sweet little home He had come to find That all of his porridge was gone [Chorus]