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502 Come Up

502 Come Up

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Yeah-yeah-eah-eah For real though, it's so wild now This crazy yeah Woke up in the hills this morning Asking myself, how did I get here this morning? Vante Parker in that teal and orange And Russell in that gold and purple Youngest from the Ville, imported I used to sit up in my room and ponder Finished school and get a doctors I'm twenty-two, I gotta get it now Man who knew he'd have it figured out? Trap soul, man, I crack codes Crack cocaine, that's what we putting out These fuck niggas saying Don't forget when you was broke, I was looking out And some say there's levels to this shit Damn look at all the levels that I skipped Feeling like there's a medal I should get All these haters getting heavy on my dick Look at my niggas, chasing paper Getting books with my niggas So how the fuck can people back home say I shook on my niggas Your two cents ain't working for me All you niggas sound commercial to me, man I don't like commercial niggas Please shut the fuck up before I hurt you (Fuck your feelings) Don't take it personal, (it's nothing personal) This a Derby City come up, this a Derby City vertical First forty-eight, straight murder you For years and years we waited on this Living in a place folks didn't know exist Surprise motherfucker, we up in this bitch I said I'm back and I'm so much better I'm so, so much better And I won't stop (Louis) I can't stop Not now (Louis) not ever (Louis, Louis) Louis slugger with the hits Knock them out the park then I'm knocking down your bitch I'm watching how you pitch I'm not from Houston, no, I'm not from 'round the six Got the four series, I should cop the six after the world series I just taught the rich 'bout palm trees and bad bitches And how these snakes can harm me with bad business Damn, fuck out of here nigga It's very rare for young black men to come up out of here nigga Some will call it luck and some will call me up I ain't heard from you in years Please get the fuck out my ear nigga My peers get it Only G-O-D can judge me, fuck the jurisdiction I'm working, ain't got time for thirsting Over how these chicks appear in pictures I'm just painting crystal clear pictures Brushing up on my lyrics nigga I just wish momma was here to live up under chandeliers with us I guess all I ever had to do was take this shit a little more serious Let's get it There's not much to say Woah, I'm from the southside God Tiller