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Artist: Giggs


(Machine baby) Let's a-go! (Machine baby) Let's a-go (yeah) Turn up my headphones One MAC-10 (ten) One eleven (eleven) It's 1-8-7 (yeah, yeah, yeah) 1-8-7 (ha) 1-8-7 (seven) 1-8-7 (1-8-7) One MAC-10 (MAC-10) One eleven Pull up at the spot (pull up at the spot) Rolling with the big about it Might pull up with a thot (umm!) Now everyone at Hollowman's local Might pull up where it's hot (where it's hot) A knew that them niggas be working Might pull up on a job (yeah) What's on the menu? Oh that's them man? Glocks at the venue (yeah) I had lots on the menu (menu) I had lots at the venue (yeah) I'm gonna have to continue To just floss and offend you Hands on the cash (on the cash) I had Buck on the phone all morning I got my gang on attack (jheeze) I had Buck on the phone just yawning I got my gang getting gassed (yeah) I got the smallest circle of soldiers 'Cause I got stabbed in the back (mm) Who's getting heavy? (Heavy) I got dudes on the ready So who's getting ready? (Who's getting ready?) And, who gets a girl at the end? Please, who's getting Debbie? Yeah, dig 'em up, yeah, yeah Fools getting buried One MAC-10 (ten) One eleven (eleven) It's 1-8-7 (seven) 1-8-7 (1-8-7) 1-8-7 (1-8-7) 1-8-7 (1-8-7) One MAC-10 (yeah) One eleven (eleven) Money's low I had one in seven I had couple 9s and 10s And one eleven (oh) Riders posted Bunning lemon Man are ready Just come and get 'em Bounce and a ounce (ounce) Back from the wildest party And I'm out for the count (yeah) Out for the count (count) Knocked out on the couch (on the couch) No one don't tell me nothing I threw up out from the house You better respect that I get the message and I text back I put a message on the next track (yeah) I put my zoobie where the cheques at (yeah) I get the pussy, then I flex that (yeah) You better run it and address that (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) I want my money where my desk at (money where my desk at) I got pills and a lyca (lyca) (So what?) So who's getting hyper? (Yeah) Niggas think they're rapping up man So who's in a cypher? He just sliced up a man's cake By just using a slicer (straight) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 1-8-7 (seven) I had one in bussin', and one in revvin' (yeah) We ain't comin', discussing comin', dead him I had them mother fuckers dropping like them fucking lemmings (haha) One MAC-10 (MAC-10) One eleven (one eleven) It's 1-8-7 (1-8-7) 1-8-7 (1-8-7) 1-8-7 (1-8-7) 1-8-7 (1-8-7) One MAC-10 One eleven